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Draft Expropriation Bill 2019

McCarthy Law expropriation bill 2019 South Africa


To allow for the expropriation with and without compensation for a public purpose or interest such as the nation’s commitment to land reform. The Government is obligated to pay all legal costs with regard to the expropriation. 

Categories of land proposed for expropriation without compensation: 

  1. Land subject to the use or occupation of a labour tenant.
  2. Land held for speculative purposes (investment, purchase and sale for profit etc.)
  3. State-owned land either through a state-owned corporation or state-owned entity.
  4. Land that has been abandoned by its owner.
  5. Land with a market value equivalent to state investment in that property (for example, taking back from failed (farming) ventures where the state has provided redistribution, and giving to another party.) 

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