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Domestic Worker Minimum Wage

Domestic worker minimum wage south africa

Employers of domestic workers are advised that the minimum wage due to domestic workers has now been increased. The new rates will be accurate until the Department of Labour publishes updated guidelines specific to domestic workers, or until affected by the new National Minimum Wage legislation. 

The minimum wage for the period 3 December 2018 to 30 November 2019 is as follows: 

The minimum wage rate for domestic employees who work more than 27 ordinary working hours per week: 


  • Monthly – R2669.24 (45 hour week) 
  • Weekly – R616.03 (45 hour week) 
  • Hourly – R13.69 


  • Monthly – R2431.95 (45 hour week) 
  • Weekly – R561.27 (45 hour week) 
  • Hourly – R12.47 

The minimum wage rate for domestic employees who work 27 ordinary working hours per week or less: 


  • Monthly – R1875.22 
  • Weekly – R432.78 
  • Hourly – R16.03 



  • Monthly – R1721.81 
  • Weekly – R397.37 
  • Hourly – R14.72 


If you have any questions about the minimum wage for domestic workers or any other employment issues, contact McCarthy & Associates Attorneys on (033) 266 6170 or ad***@ma****.za. 

In order to comply with the Act, employers are reminded that they may not deduct for any contributions which may be made to an employee’s transport, food, accommodation or gratuities. This must be paid over and above the minimum wage. 

This wage applies to all domestic workers. 

If you have any questions about the National Minimum Wage Act, please contact us on (033) 266 6170 or ad***@ma****.za