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Gazetting Of The Draft Expropriation Bill 2019 And Comment Period

The draft expropriation bill has been published in the Government Gazette on 21 December 2019. The Gazetting of the draft bill means that the 30-day comment period has commenced, in which the public is invited to participate by giving their own comment on the bill and its intentions of “expropriation without compensation”, and state whether they are in agreement therewith or not.

The comments and views of the people are given consideration when the bill is introduced in Parliament for its approval. The public can thereby influence the decision of the legislature by indicating whether a bill has enough support from the citizens of the country to warrant it being approved and made “a law”.

This brief comment period is, therefore, a critical stage in the lifecycle of a bill. It is a chance for the citizens of the Nation to give their support or opposition thereto. You too have the right to have your voice heard in this matter and take part in the ballot.

Have Your Voice Heard

By following the Vote link below, you will be able to cast your vote on the expropriation bill in a few short clicks:

There are few days left for comments, so it is advised that persons who wish to give their vote and provide an optional comment on the matter, should do so without delay. View the entire Expropriation Bill here


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